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Regional shortage occupations Upper Austria

In addition to the Austria-wide shortage occupations, there are also officially identified shortages of skilled personnel in the occupations in Upper Austria. Again, people who have vocational training and a job offer in these occupations can immigrate to Austria more quickly than other skilled personnel.


The regional shortage occupations apply in addition to the federal shortage occupations.

You can find more information about the respective professions at AMS Berufsinformationssystem.

For the year 2022, the following occupations are considered regional shortage occupations in Upper Austria:

Clicking on the occupational group will take you to the listing of shortage occupations associated with the group.

Housekeepers, other hotel, restaurant professionals, home administrators
Decree-maker, purchaser (hotel and catering industry/home administration), floor manager/floor governess, holiday home administrator, hospitality assistant, Home manager, hotel assistant, hotel secretary, kitchen manager, kitchen administrator, Head steward/head stewardess, receptionist, secretary (hotel and catering industry/home administration), linen decree-maker, economist: (hotel and catering industry/home administration), hotel clerk, supervisor for the catering sector, housekeeper, clerk (hospital), party attendant, reservation assistant, reservation manager, reservation employee, guest attendant, hotel clerk (receptionist), operational service provider, hotel and restaurant specialist.

Plasterer, plasterer, plasterer and drywaller, drywall foreman, drywaller

Department store clerk
Department store salesperson, department manager (retail), garden center salesperson

Electromechanic, electromechanic master craftsman, electromechanic master craftsman, test field mechanic, switchgear mechanic, communications electronics technician, measurement and control mechanic, micromechanic, microelectronics technician, communications technician for EDP and telecommunications, communications technician for communications electronics, EDP technician, IT electronics technician, mechatronics technician (with apprenticeship certificate), electrical machine technician, electronics technician (with apprenticeship certificate), service technician telecom, electromechanic for low current, electromechanic for high current, Electromechanical technicians and machine builders, Process control technicians, Electronics production technicians, Air traffic control technicians, Assembly technicians - electromechanical/electronic, Service technicians for office machines, Service technicians for EDP, Service technicians for household appliances, Service technicians for building services, Service technicians for cooling systems, Service technicians for machines and systems, Service technicians for telecommunication networks, Control and regulation technicians, Electrical technicians - automation and Process Control Technician mechatronics technician - alternative drive technology, mechatronics technician - automation technology, mechatronics technician - office and IT systems technology, mechatronics technician - electrical machine technology, mechatronics technician - production technology, mechatronics technician - medical equipment technologyplasterer, stuccoer, plasterer and drywaller, drywall foreman, drywaller

Technical illustrator
Civil draftsman, technical draftsman, civil assistant, cartographer

Denture maker
Dental technician, dental technical assistant

Graduate engineer for civil engineering
Construction foreman, construction manager, construction technician, construction engineer,  onstruction engineer, industrial engineer - construction, structural engineer, steel construction designer, steel construction technician, structural engineer, road construction technician: in, civil engineering technician, construction site manager, environmental /safety technician construction, construction technician-construction design, construction technician-construction ecology, construction technician-building technology, construction technician-remediation technology, project manager for construction projects.

Graduate engineer for economics
Work echnician, work preparer, operations technician, refa technician, technicale operations manager, technicale estimator, industrial technician, assistant to operations manager, controller, controlling assistant, safety specialist/ technician, acceptance technician, operations and industrial technician, research and development technician, innovation technician, production technician, sales technician, industrial engineer, customer support technician, maintenance technician, quality engineer, production planner, head of maintenance, technicale assistant

Balance sheet accountant, bookkeeper, accounting clerk, financial accountant, general accountant, hotel accountant, machine accountant, balance accountant, accounts receivable accountant, accounts payable accountant, finance and accounting assistant

Buyer (trade), purchasing manager, technical buyer, fashion outfitter

Forwarding specialists
Forwarding specialists, forwarding merchants, customs declarant, transport consultant, forwarding logistician

Natural florist
Natural florist, florist and flower arranger, wreath maker, florist

Baker, pastry chef, baker and confectioner, master baker, bakery manager, organic baker, baking technologist

Confectioner, gingerbread and wax maker, pastry chef, patissier(s) (confectionery), confectioner (confectionery) - general confectionery, confectioner (confectionery) - patisserie

Coffee, other food processing apprenticeships
Shift supervisor (food processing), machine operator (food), foreman (food processing), food technician

Sole waiter, bar waiter, bar head waiter, chef de hall, chef de rang, chef d'etage, commis, commis de rang, demichef de rang, beverage waiter, waiter, waiter and parlormaid/maid, station waiter, pay waiter, head waiter, commis de bar, sommelier(s), restaurant specialists, betting cafe waiter, demichef de bar, chef de bar

Decorator, vehicle upholsterer, upholsterer, espalier, upholsterer and bedding manufacturer, upholsterer and bedding manufacturer and painter, upholsterer and saddler, master upholsterer, sun protection fitter, upholsterer and decorator, saddler - vehicle upholstery

Hairdressers, make-up artists
Ladies' hairdresser, men's hairdresser, make-up artist, wigmaker, tresser, hairdresser (stylist), master hairdresser

Cosmetic, hand and pedicurists
Certified beautician, chiropodist, cosmetician, cosmetic consultant, manicurist, pedicurist, cosmetic consultant, tanning consultant, color and type consultant, fingernail stylist, tanning salon employee, tattoo artist and piercer, make-up artistin

Technician with higher education (Ing.) for economics
Work technician, work planner, operating technician, refa technician, technical operations manager, technical calculator, business technician, safety specialist/technician, operating and business technician, research and development technician, Innovation technician, production technician, sales technician, industrial engineer, customer support technician, maintenance technician, HTL graduate for business management, HTL graduate for industrial engineering, quality engineer, production planner, head of maintenance, technical assistant, bid manager

Social scientists, economists, scientific statisticians
Business economist, business economist (social/economic science), commercial scientist, social scientist, sociologist, statistician, political economist, political scientist, business information scientist (social/economic science), business information scientist, development economist (regional development), market researcher, social statistician (demography/demoscopy)

Gardener, master gardener, landscape gardener, cemetery and ornamental gardener, skilled gardener, skilled fruit grower, skilled field vegetable grower, garden and green space designer - landscaping/greenkeeping

Traders and sellers of food and luxury foodstuffs
Ice cream salesman, delicatessen salesman, fish salesman, fish products salesman, shop assistant, food salesman, fruit and vegetable salesman, confectionery salesman, sausage salesman, general merchandise salesman, meat salesman, delicatessen manager, bakery store salesman, delicatessen manager assistant

Metalworkers, assemblers
Sheet metal riveter, frame maker (umbrella), blinds assembler, small riveter, assembler (metal goods), spectacle frame maker, blinds threader, lighter assembler, blinds maker, metal designer - engraving, metal designer - belting, metal designer - metal pressing

Insurance broker, insurance agent
Field agent, district agent, insurance field agent, insurance representative, insurance consultant in the field

Machine setters, machine adjusters, machine setters, machine setters
Machine setter, press setter, machine setter, quality inspector, textile mechanic, textile technologist

Dealers and sellers of vehicles, components and accessories
Car salesman, car spare parts salesman, car accessories salesman

Chimney sweep
Chimney sweepers

Invoicing clerks, billing clerks
Construction accountants, invoice clerks, invoice controllers, accountants, accounting clerks

Warehouse clerk, warehouse clerks, expeditors
Expeditor, warehouse accountant, warehouse clerk, warehouse place manager, warehouse manager, magazine clerk, magazine manager, magazine master, magazine administrator, manipulator, material issuer, material manager, place master, goods manipulator, tool issuer, prop clerk, warehouse clerk, warehouse manager, warehouse and fleet manager, warehouse logistics specialist, warehouse manager, material manager, business logistics specialist

Precision mechanics
Office machine mechanic, surgical instrument maker, precision mechanic, photo mechanic, scale maker, scale mechanic, vending machine mechanic, office communications technician, tool mechanic, computer systems technician

Other metal surface finishers
Surface technician - enamel technology, surface technician - hot galvanizing, surface technician - powder coating

Electrical goods salesmen and saleswomen
Electrical goods salesman, electrical salesman (audio/video), computer salesman

Technicians for surveying
Surveying technician

Technician apprentices with higher education for light-current and communications engineering
Electronics technician, television technician, radio technician, design engineer - low current and communications engineering, communications technician, X-ray technician, radio technician, control technician, low current technician, sound technician, video technician, telephone system technician, electromedical technician, electrical technician - process engineering, electrical technician - automation/control, electrical technician - sound engineering, GSM network planner (fixed network/radio network), communication technician, cybernetics technician, microtechnician - molecular/nano/quantum technology, mobile radio technician (GSM), Planning technician - electronics, project technician - electronics, test field technician, sensor technician, signal technician, PLC/ASIC/IC designer, PLC/ASIC/IC technician, telecommunications technician, PLC programmer, SMD technician, HTL graduate for electronics, measurement technician

Insulators, facade insulators, heat/cold and sound insulators, heat/cold/sound and fire protection technicians

Druggist, photographic druggist, health food salesman

Artificial stone, concrete goods producers
Concrete product producer, concrete worker, cast stone producer, cement worker foreman, concrete and cast stone production foreman, concrete finisher - concrete product production, concrete finisher - cast stone production, precast concrete technician, ready-mix concrete technician

Farriers and wagon makers/carriers
Farrier, vehicle finisher, metal technician - vehicle construction technology, vehicle fitter

Surface grinders
Spring grinder, flat grinder, gold grinder, honer, crankshaft grinder, metal grinder, cylindrical grinder, metal grinder and galvanizer, surface technician - mechanical surface technician

Professions in mechanical metalworking
Sheet metal benders, shift supervisors (machine metalworking

Chemical worker
Chemical foreman, chemical technician, distiller (petroleum refining), plastics maker foreman, chemical worker, chemical process technician, pharmaceutical technologist

Machinists, power engine attendants, plant attendants, steam boiler attendants
Plant attendant, steam boiler attendant, high-pressure heater, high-pressure boiler attendant, machinist, house technician

Supervisors of land transport
Transport dispatcher, breakdown service supervisor, dangerous goods supervisor, transport escort driver

Other railroad professions
Train dispatcher, wagon foreman, cableway operator, cableway specialist, cableway technician

Chemical laboratory technician, substance tester (chemistry)
Chemical laboratory technician, waste consultant, Nature conservation consultant, plant protection consultant, Environmental consultant, waste disposal and recycling specialist (waste), waste disposal and recycling specialist (wastewater), recycling and waste disposal technician, chemical laboratory technician, waste consultant, waste manager, waste water treatment plant supervisor, clinical monitor, waste landfill Incoming control supervisor, poison supervisor, radiation protection supervisor, environmental supervisor, environmental auditor, laboratory technician - biochemistry, laboratory technician - chemistry, laboratory Technician - paints and varnishes


Caregivers, social workers
Development worker, children's village mother/father, social worker, family helper, counselor for the disabled, women's counselor, social worker, child care worker (outpatient), homeless counselor, debt counselor, probation officer, street worker, refugee counselor, educator for the disabled, vocational and educational counselor, marriage and family counselor, educational counselor, early intervention counselor, child and youth counselor, crisis counselor, life and social counselor, mediator, social economist, addiction counselor, supervisor, geriatric specialist counselor, work assistant, specialist social counselor for geriatric work, specialist social counselor for work with the disabled, specialist social counselor for work with the disabled, certified social counselor for work with the elderly, certified social counselor for work with the disabled, certified social counselor for work with the disabled, certified social counselor for family work, social counselor, social worker

Philosopher, psychologist
Psychologist, philosopher

Shortage occupations
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