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© Uwe Umstätter / Westend61
© Uwe Umstätter / Westend61
Why Austria

Austria is a prosperous, stable and thriving country with a long and turbulent history. In addition to its dynamic and innovative economy, Austria is not only valued across the globe as a nation boasting a rich cultural heritage and as a travel destination and business partner, but also as the adopted country of international specialists. Numerous expatriates from all over the world have decided to live and work in the country whose capital city is rated as having the highest quality of life anywhere.

10000 km
of bicycle paths
22000 km
of ski slopes
50000 km
of hiking trails

Highest quality of life

For one thing, this can be traced to the large number of innovative and exciting companies. However, Austria also stands out, last but not least, due to its nearly unrivalled quality of life. The high standard of living is reflected by the low crime rate, the high level of social security and an attractive shopping and recreational infrastructure. There is hardly any country in the world which matches Austria with respect to the security of persons and property.

According to the ranking of the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2019, Austria is rated second throughout the entire world with respect to its quality of life.

Living in Austria – Advantages

Austria offers a balanced mix of attractive leisure-time options and promising career opportunities. This is presumably the reason why Austria was once again ranked fourth among 63 countries in the IMD World Talent Ranking 2019. The country is even rated second globally in terms of motivation and quality of life.

Attractive price level

For many years, Vienna has been considered the most livable city in the world (Economist Ranking 2022). In addition to many other factors, the excellent transport infrastructure, the wide range of leisure and cultural activities, numerous green spaces and cleanliness and safety also contribute to this. However, the cost of living in the Austrian capital is significantly lower than in other European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. (Source: Numbeo)

Leisure-time activities

Austria is a country with a diverse range of cultural and sport activities as well as entertainment options. Whether a person enjoys opera, operetta, musicals, theatres, concerts, festivals or exhibitions, there is something which suits every taste. Close to 5,000 tennis courts, around 80 golf courses, 22,000 kilometres of ski slopes, 50,000 kilometres of hiking paths, 10,000 kilometres of biking paths and much more complement Austria’s leisure time options.

Did you know...

You can use the entire Viennese public transportation system for just € 365 p.a. The annual pass for all of Austria costs € 1,095. It is no surprise that people travel double the number of kilometres here with public transport than the EU average.

...that you can use all means of public transport for only € 1 per day in Vienna and € 3 per day throughout Austria?

educational opportunities

Austria also offers a very extensive educational offering. For example, expatriates do not have to dispense with having their children educated in their mother tongue. All required facilities are available, from the Vienna International School and the Japanese School Association to the Swedish School.

© Maskot / Westend61

High quality of living
in an intact environment

Austria’s intact natural environment and beautiful countryside, the wealth of natural resources, a well-managed cultural landscape, green meadows and mountain pastures, crystal-clear water, good air quality and much more all make a significant contribution towards Austria’s high quality of life.

A positive symbiosis between agriculture and the environment is also ensured. Austria boasts the highest share of organic farming compared to any other country in Europe. Forward-looking environmental policies, a pronounced environmental consciousness and ecologically compatible production technologies make Austria an environmental role model. 

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