Living & working in Austria

How to Find a Job

Austria’s unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the European Union. Nevertheless, due to the country’s flourishing economy, the chances of quickly finding jobs in Austria are very high.

Find a Job

Recognition of Qualifications

Because of the fundamental free movement of professionals, specialised employees are principally allowed to work internationally, exercise their profession and offer their services. However, special qualifications or a title are required for so-called “regulated professions”. Requirements can differ from one country to the next. For this reason, mechanisms used in recognising qualifications acquired abroad are applied.

Recognition of Qualifications

Do I Need a Visa and a Working Permission?

Principally speaking, one of the basic freedoms in the European Union is the free movement of workers. This means that nationals of EU member states as well as of the European Economic Area and Switzerland are allowed to be employed in another member state at any time.

Visa and a Working Permission

How to Find a Home?

Generally speaking, there are two possibilities when finding a place to live in Austria i.e. to own or rent a property. In the bigger cities, rented apartments in Austria comprise the majority of all dwellings. Rents in most apartments in Austria are regulated by the Austrian Tenancy Law. The exception is single-family houses. But periods of notice also apply here as well.

Find a Home

Multicultural Life?

Austria is a land of immigration with a long tradition. About two million people with a migration background live in Austria. This represents about one-quarter of the population. Vienna, the most liveable city in the world for ten straight years (Mercer study), even features a share of about 40 percent.

Multicultural Life