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International employees
Source: Dachverband der Sozialversicherungsträger 2021
77400 €
Average annual salary of software engineers
Source: Kienbaum 2022
# 2
World's second most
liveable country
Source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2022
Business meeting
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Austria’s unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the European Union. Nevertheless, due to the country’s flourishing economy, the chances of quickly finding jobs in Austria are very high.

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Guide Austria

The online platform Immigration Guide Austria provides answers to important questions about working in Austria, staying in Austria, living in Austria, family reunification, employment of foreigners and more.

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Living & Working
Online Guide

You are new in Austria? Don't worry - we help you with all the basics about every-day-life in Austria. Take a look at our guide and find all the information you need about living, working, healthcare, education and culture in Austria

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Quality of living

Austria is a prosperous, stable and thriving country with a long and turbulent history. In addition to its dynamic and innovative economy, Austria is not only valued across the globe as a nation boasting a rich cultural heritage and as a travel destination and business partner, but also as the adopted country of international specialists. Numerous expatriates from all over the world have decided to live and work in the country whose capital city is rated as having the highest quality of life anywhere.

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WORK in AUSTRIA is the point of contact for specialists who would like to work in Austria as well as for companies looking for suitable specialists. We advise you free of charge.

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