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International Students​

From Education to Career

We are happy to assist you as a graduate in pursuing your career in Austria and support you free of charge on your transition from your studies to entering the Austrian labour market.

Did you know...

according to the IMD World Competitive Ranking 2022

...that Austria has one of the best health systems in the world?​


STUDY - Why Austria?

  • There is no “numerus clausus” system which allows or denies students access to higher education on the basis of the final grades achieved in school. Instead, there are admission tests for many fields of study. Get information from the website of the university of your choice.
  • As an EU member state, Austria is embedded in the European and international university landscape. For this reason, most university degrees follow the Bachelor - Master - PhD degree structure. Most universities have numerous partner universities abroad in both Europe and globally. A semester abroad is perfectly normal for many students in Austria. Find more advantages for living in Austria here.
  • Tuition fees for Austrian students and students from EU/EEA member states are only charged for universities of applied sciences, private universities and if a person studies longer than the stipulated duration of studies. Regularly enrolled students from countries outside of the EU/EEA have to pay € 726.72 per semester. Every student must pay € 24.70 per semester for the Austrian Student Union (ÖH). 
  • There are many funding possibilities and scholarships available. Search here on the Website to find possible scholarships you can get. 
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Austria is like a cheeky teenager, full of charm, diligence and conviviality.

Annie American citizen, Alumni of Lauder Business School
Annie Bailey
© Kevin Bailey
Annie Bailey
© Kevin Bailey

STUDY – Studying and working in Austria

The steps you have to take in order to be allowed to work alongside your studies depends on your nationality, amongst other factors.

  1. 01

    You will find the information you need about entering the country, staying in Austria and being admitted as a student, working as an artist or as researcher at a university here and on the website of the Austrian Agency for Education and Internationalisation (OeAD). Here you can learn more about the right course of studies for you, and provides details about all Austrian scholarship programmes. The OeAD is also the right contact for any legal issues r relating to studying in Austria.  

  2. 02

    As an EU or EEA citizen, you have unrestricted access to the Austrian labour market during your studies. You can work as a marginally employed person, part-time or full-time and also do traineeships or internships. However, it is important that your studies are not negatively affected and that you are officially registered in Austria. You must get a Registration Certificate (“Anmeldebescheinigung”) for this purpose. Read more


  3. 03

    If you are a third-country national with a Residence Permit – Student and would like to work up to 20 hours per week alongside your studies, you can do so with a work permit (“Beschäftigungsbewilligung”) for which your employer can apply to the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS). Within the context of the application process, the AMS will check to see if you have a valid with a Residence Permit – Student and whether the application includes all the required documents from your employer. You also require a work permit even if you are only in marginal employment.

    If you are a third-country national with a Residence Permit – Student and would like to work more than 20 hours per week alongside your studies, the AMS may carry out a special procedure called a labour market test (“Ersatzkraftverfahren”) as part of your application for a work permit. In this process, the AMS determines if other skilled workers are already registered for the specific position. Only if this is not the case will the work permit be granted.


  4. 04

    Are you a third-country national, studying at a university or university of applied sciences and the traineeship or internship is part of your studies? In this case the employer need not apply for a work permit for you. It is sufficient if he reports the studies to the AMS in a timely manner. Your university must confirm in writing that the traineeship or internship is necessary to complete your studies or will be credited to your studies. Our blog provides additional information on how to do a traineeship as a third-country national.

    Do you want to do an Erasmus+ semester or Erasmus+ traineeship while studying in Austria? This is possible if your university offers Erasmus+. We recommend contacting your university and the Austrian Agency for Internationalisation and Education (OeAD). You will also find further information on internships at the international organisations AIESEC and IAESTE​.

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Did you know...

Most international students studying in Austria come from Germany, Italy, Iran, Serbia, Syria and India.

...that many students currently registered at Austrian universities come from various countries?

START – Begin your career

We will help you with everything you need to know on entering the Austrian job market as an EU/EEA citizen or third-country national.

  1. 01

    Search for your mission in life with us! With jobs in companies and startups throughout Austria, our ABA Job Platform offers you possibilities to work in many sectors and fields, many of which are in English and German. If you have not yet successfully concluded your studies in Austria or if you graduated a long time ago, inform yourself about your options in entering the labour market by using our Immigration Guide.

  2. 02

    In Austria it is customary to include a photo of yourself with your curriculum vitae as well as a motivational letter when contacting a company and applying for a job. The motivational letter should clearly state your motivation to work at the advertised position and for the company and how your qualifications fulfil the demands stipulated in the job advertisement. Our blog contains answers to questions relating to applications for jobs with Austrian companies.

  3. 03

    EEU/EEA nationals can travel to Austria without a visa and work without a work permit. However, EU/EEA nationals have to report their place of residence within three days and apply for a Registration Certificate ("Anmeldebescheinigung") at the responsible office of the Immigration Authority within four months after entering the country. Find out more here.

  4. 04

    If you want to work in Austria after your studies but have not yet found a job, you can extend your Residence Permit – Student for twelve months after graduation. During this year you can search for a full-time job matching your qualifications and work as a self-employed person thanks to the Residence Permit – Student or you can obtain a work permit to enable you to work as a salaried employee during this time. All the information you need can be found here.

    If you have already found a full-time job after concluding your studies, the Red-White-Red – Card for Graduates (“Rot-Weiß-Rot – Karte für StudienabsolventInnen”) is the best solution for you. We will be happy go advise you on all issues relating to the Red-White-Red – Card.

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I have always wanted to live in Austria since I was a child. And I made this dream come true.

Kevin American citizen, Coordinator at the FH-Salzburg
Kevin Bailey
© Kevin Bailey
Kevin Bailey
© Kevin Bailey

STAY – living in the Austria in the longer term

We offer you all the necessary information about living in Austria, ranging from getting residence permits to purchasing an apartment or starting your own family.

  1. 01

    We will answer your questions on calculating salaries or employees in your field and what you can personally expect. Write us an email and we will check it out for you.


  2. 02

    Do you have questions on living in Austria, on the healthcare or educational system, which public authority you have to report to or on purchasing a car? Our Personal Guide is available to you free of charge.

  3. 03

    We support you on any issues relating to founding your own business or startup. Our INVEST in AUSTRIA department provides information on all aspects such as financing, investment capital and legal advice.

  4. 04

    ABA takes part in many job and career fairs throughout Austria, offers individual consultations on site, gives webinars and will work together with your university and international partners to show you the best path for you to take.  Learn more

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Did you know...

The Red-White-Red Card for Graduates applies to third-country nationals who graduated from an Austrian university and found a job offer applicable to their studies. Get more information here!


...that a special work permit and residence permit exist for international students who graduate from an Austrian university?

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