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  • - Unlimited job advertisements in German and English
    - International application of the company
    - Professionals make direct contact

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  • We promote Austria as a place to work. Various formats offer you the opportunity to participate.

    - Participation in international career and trade fairs abroad; virtually and on site.
    - Networking with outstanding universities, universities of applied sciences and communities
    - Roadshows in Austria with company visits by promising professionals

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  • We support you and your candidates throughout the entire process

    - Information platform on the right of residence and access to the labour market
    - Services for applicants in all phases of the procedure for obtaining residence titles, in particular RWR cards
    - Advice & support through "mediation" with authorities in specific procedures

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  • Securing skilled workers begins when candidates and their families move to Austria

    - Information platform on the topic of living & working in Austria
    - Initial advice on content and referral to specific contact persons in all relevant areas of relocation

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@ digitalwerk

@ digitalwerk

Recruit abroad

Motivated and well-trained employees are crucial for the success of Austrian companies. Targeted recruitment and training in Austria are not always successful. In order to nevertheless bring the required know-how into the company, employers also look for well-trained talents abroad.  

In this way, companies can recruit specialists with sought-after skills that are simply not available on the Austrian labor market.

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We simply make it easy

WORK in AUSTRIA is the point of contact for specialists who would like to work in Austria as well as for companies looking for suitable specialists. We advise you free of charge.

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