Recruit Employees abroad

The shortage of skilled workers negatively impacts the Austrian economy. 59 percent of vacant positions remain unfilled for longer than six months, and 60 percent of all companies complain about the acute lack of skilled workers. Qualified immigration and the proactive recruiting of skilled workers from abroad are among the measures to be taken to open up opportunities to counteract this deficit.

Why recruit skilled workers from abroad?

Qualified immigration and recruiting will enable companies to attract skilled workers who have the competencies that are in demand which are simply not available on the Austrian labour market at the present time. Work in Austria offers numerous services designed to support domestic companies which are already active in this area and those firms which want to do it for the first time. 

Advantages of searching for international talents

In addition to the fact that employees with the desired qualifications are not available on the Austrian job market at present, there are several other good reasons for searching for suitable employees abroad. Here are several of these reasons:

  • Increased attractiveness as an employer: On the basis of an international team, it is possible to attract specific know-how to the company and create an image among many junior staff of being an attractive employer.
  • Promotion of innovative strength: The different points of view and experiences of qualified, skilled international employees lead to an ongoing process of learning from one another on the basis of mutual challenges. In turn, this promotes creativity and last but not least, the innovative capacity of companies.
  • Opening up of new markets: It is not only the language skills of employees that can be helpful in opening up new markets. Staff recruited from abroad brings a specific knowledge of other countries which can facilitate the development of good trade relationships.  
  • Foresight through cultural diversity: Everyone can benefit from an outside viewpoint, even those who have not yet thought about expanding to Poland, Romania or Bulgaria. For example, this can help to gain an increased awareness of domestic patterns of behaviour and perception, and thus enable a company to stay ahead on the local market.
  • Avoiding increased staff costs: Prices will rise if demand for employees with specific qualifications is higher than the existing offering. If the desired skilled worker cannot be found on the Austrian labour market, there are two options left: either to pay significantly more than the competition, or else to extend the search for employees beyond the country’s borders.
  • Ensuring a greater choice: In addition to preventing staff costs from rising, an expansion of the search radius for employee also means that companies have a greater choice of potential candidates. The shortage of available skilled employees will not lead a company to hire less qualified applicants. The larger pool of talents increases the probability of finding an employee with precisely the desired qualifications.
  • Avoiding a loss of revenue: In the long term, vacant positions mean that companies cannot leverage their full potential. The worst-case scenario is that contract orders may even be declined to prevent the failure to comply with stipulated deadlines, and thus companies suffer from a loss of revenue. A targeted search abroad for suitable personnel can help to relieve the shortage in Austria a bit as well as help to open up new markets, as described above.