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Many eagerly awaited publication of the list of national and regional shortage occupations at the turn of the year 2022/23. What can be said about these professions? And what are the advantages of this concept when it comes to promoting the immigration of qualified and urgently needed skilled workers to Austria?

The term “shortage occupation” refers to those occupations for which fewer than 1.5 job seekers are available within the period of one year for every vacant position reported to the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS). The so-called Skilled Workers Regulation issued annually by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy sets an all-time high for 2023 with respect to the number of legally stipulated shortage occupations, which now encompasses 98 nationwide as well as 56 regional shortage occupations. A complete overview of the currently valid nationwide  and regional shortage occupations can be found on our website, both in German and in English.  

Skilled workers in the relevant shortage occupations who are third country nationals are offered a suitable route to immigration by means of the Red-White-Red – Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations. This refers to a combined residence and work permit issued for a period of up to two years (with an extension option), binding a skilled worker from a third country to a specific Austrian company during this time. Direct family members (i.e., spouse, registered partner, underage children) are allowed to immigrate as well by means of the Red-White-Red - Card Plus.

Processing time between the submission date of the application and the issuing of a Red-White-Red – Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations frequently takes somewhat less time than cases involving other immigration options. In the course of this process, no labour market test is conducted due to the well-known shortage of skilled workers in the respective profession officially designated as a shortage occupation.

The underlying prerequisite for applying for and issuing a Red-White-Red – Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations is the successful completion of relevant training, which largely corresponds to the customary training for the respective occupation in Austria (e.g., apprenticeship, studies) with respect to the duration, scope and contents.

This category of the Red-White-Red – Card follows a point system according to which up to 90 points can be achieved for qualifications, professional experience, language skills and age. A skilled worker has to achieve at least 55 points which must be corroborated by corresponding proof in order to receive a Red-White-Red – Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations. With the exception of the required relevant training, it is not absolutely necessary to obtain points in every single category.

The Red-White-Red – Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations does not stipulate any generally valid minimum salary. The monthly gross salary must at least correspond to the designated remuneration in accordance with the applicable collective agreement (taking account of a correct classification). Of course, higher salaries may also be paid to skilled workers who are third country nationals, inasmuch as this is customary in the company.

The team of Immigration and Residence Services of the Austrian Business Agency – WORK in AUSTRIA supports both companies in Austria as well as skilled workers from third countries in applying for the Red-White-Red – Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations as well as all other categories of the Red-White-Red – Card, the EU Blue Card and other residence permits. The company makes the decision as to which specific shortage occupation the position to be filled by the skilled worker is assigned. Further information on the Red-White-Red – Card for Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations as well as a detailed list of the required proof and documents for the application can be found here

You had already been familiar with the shortage occupations in your industry in 2022 and are interested to know which ones are new in 2023? Then this overview is just right for you (new nationwide shortage occupations highlighted in bold):

  1. Graduates in power engineering (Diplomingenieur:innen für Starkstromtechnik)
  2. Engineers for agricultural machinery (Landmaschinenbauer:innen)
  3. Special(ist) power engineers (Techniker:innen für Starkstromtechnik)
  4. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineers) for power engineering technology (Techniker:innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für Starkstromtechnik)
  5. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineers) for data processing (Techniker:innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für Datenverarbeitung)
  6. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineers) for mechanical engineering (Techniker:innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für Maschinenbau)
  7. Graduates in weak-current and telecommunications engineering (Diplomingenieur:innen für Schwachstrom- und Nachrichtentechnik)
  8. Graduate engineers for data processing (Diplomingenieur:innen für Datenverarbeitung)
  9. Roofers (Dachdecker:innen)
  10. Black toppers (Schwarzdecker:innen)
  11. Metal turners (Dreher:innen)
  12. Cost accountants (Kalkulanten/Kalkulantinnen)
  13. Graduate mechanical engineers (Diplomingenieur:innen für Maschinenbau)
  14. Milling machinists (Fräser:innen)
  15. Ophthalmic opticians (Augenoptiker:innen)
  16. Special graduate engineers (Techniker:innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.), soweit nicht anderweitig eingeordnet)
  17. Graduate nurses (Dipl. Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger:innen)
  18. Electrical installers, electrical fitters (Elektroinstallateure/Elektroinstallateurinnen, Elektromonteure/Elektromonteurinnen)
  19. Welders, cutting torch operators (Schweißer:innen, Schneidbrenner:innen)
  20. Specialist technicians for mechanical engineering (Techniker:innen für Maschinenbau)
  21. Technicians with a higher level of training (engineer) for technical chemistry, chemical engineers (Techniker:innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für technische Chemie, Chemotechniker)
  22. Pipe installers, pipe fitters (Rohrinstallateure/Rohrinstallateurinnen, Rohrmonteure/Rohrmonteurinnen)
  23. Carpenters (Zimmerer/Zimmererinnen)
  24. Special fitters (Schlosser:innen)
  25. Physicians (Ärzte/Ärztinnen)
  26. Concrete fitters (Betonbauer:innen)
  27. Special fitters (Spengler:innen)
  28. Graduate engineers - special professions (Diplomingenieur:innen, soweit nicht anderweitig eingeordnet)
  29. Construction joiners (Bautischler:innen)
  30. Technicians with a higher education (engineer) for civil engineering (Techniker:innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für Bauwesen)
  31. Construction and furniture joiners (Bau- und Möbeltischler:innen)
  32. Varnishers (Lackierer:innen)
  33. Floor and wall tilers (Platten-, Fliesenleger:innen)
  34. Other technicians for fuel and gas technology (Sonstige Techniker:innen für Feuerungs- und Gastechnik)
  35. Payroll accountants (Lohn-, Gehaltsverrechner:innen)
  36. Special technicians for low voltage engineering and communication engineering (Techniker:innen für Schwachstrom- und Nachrichtentechnik)
  37. Pavers (Pflasterer/Pflasterinnen)
  38. Certified public accountants (Wirtschaftstreuhänder:innen)
  39. Restaurant chefs (Gaststättenköche/Gaststättenköchinnen)
  40. Special floor layers (Bodenleger:innen)
  41. Motor vehicle mechanics (Kraftfahrzeugmechaniker:innen)
  42. Blacksmiths and carriage builders (Huf- und Wagenschmiede/Huf- und Wagenschmied:innen)
  43. Machine fitters (Maschinenschlosser:innen)
  44. Special technicians (Techniker:innen, soweit nicht anderweitig eingeordnet)
  45. Special technicians in business administration (Techniker:innen für Wirtschaftswesen)
  46. Medical technology specialists (Medizinisch-technische Fachkräfte)
  47. Dealers and sales clerks for iron and metal goods, domestic and kitchen appliances (Händler:innen und Verkäufer:innen von Eisen- und Metallwaren, Maschinen, Hauhalts- und Küchengeräte)
  48. Engineers/technicians for rough mechanicals (Grobmechaniker:innen)
  49. Building plumbers (Bauspengler:innen)
  50. Building fitters, sheet metal fitters, construction fitters (Bau-, Blech-, Konstruktionsschlosser:innen)
  51. Coffee product makers and other food manufacturers (Kaffeemittel-, andere Nahrungsmittelhersteller:innen)
  52. Technicians with a higher education (engineer) in business administration (Techniker:innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für Wirtschaftswesen)
  53. Toolmakers, cutters and punchmakers (Werkzeug-, Schnitt- und Stanzenmacher:innen)
  54. Vehicle body and radiator sheet metal workers (Karosserie-, Kühlerspengler:innen)
  55. Wood machine workers (Holzmaschinenarbeiter:innen)
  56. Special(ist) technicians for data processing (Techniker:innen für Datenverarbeitung)
  57. Butchers (Fleischer:innen)
  58. Electrical mechanics (Elektromechaniker:innen)
  59. Florists, flower arrangers (Naturblumenbinder:innen)
  60. Other civil engineering specialists (Tiefbauer:innen)
  61. Graduates in business administration (Diplomingenieur:innen für Wirtschaftswesen)
  62. Technicians for weak-current and telecommunications engineering (Techniker:innen mit höherer Ausbildung (Ing.) für Schwachstrom- und Nachrichtentechnik)
  63. Accountants (Buchhalter:innen)
  64. Special technicians for civil engineering (Techniker:innen für Bauwesen)
  65. Bricklayers (MaurerInnen)
  66. Healthcare assistants (Pflegeassistenten/Pflegeassistentinnen)
  67. Technicians for agriculture, wine-growing and horticulture (Techniker:innen für Landwirtschaft, Wein- und Gartenbau)
  68. Plastic processors (Kunststoffverarbeiter:innen)
  69. Glaziers (Glaser:innen)
  70. Estate managers, other hotel and restaurant professionals, residence managers (Wirtschafter/innen, andere Hotel-, Gaststättenfachleute, Heimverwalter/innen)
  71. Graduate civil engineers (Diplomingenieur:innen für Bauwesen)
  72. Denture technicians (Zahnprothesenmacher:innen)
  73. Department store sales clerks (Warenhausverkäufer:innen)
  74. Forwarding specialists (Speditionsfachleute)
  75. Stove fitters, potters, stove makers (Hafner:innen, Töpfer:innen, Ofensetzer:innen)
  76. Confectioners (Zuckerbäcker:innen)
  77. Graduate Engineers for Engineering Physics, Physicists (Diplomingenieur:innen für technische Physik, Physiker:innen)
  78. Physical-technical Special Professions (Physikalisch-technische Sonderberufe)
  79. Automat and machine operators/adjusters (Automaten-, Maschineneinrichter:innen, -monterier:innen)
  80. Manufacturers of metal goods, assembly workers (Metallwarenmacher:innen, -montierer:innen)
  81. Painters, house painters (Maler:innen, Anstreicher:innen)
  82. Professions in mechanical metal working (Berufe der maschinellen Metallbearbeitung)
  83. Billing clerks, billing accountants (Fakturisten/Fakturist:innen, Abrechner:innen)
  84. Bakers (Bäcker:innen)
  85. Technical draftsmen (Technische Zeichner:innen)
  86. Chimney sweepers (Rauchfangkehrer:innen)
  87. Furniture makers (Möbeltischler:innen)
  88. Special technicians for surveying (Techniker:innen für Vermessungswesen)
  89. Dealers and sales clerks of perfumes, washing and houshold articles, paints, varnishes (Händler:innen, Verkäufer:innen von Parfümerien, Wasch-, Haushaltsartikeln, Farben, Lacken)
  90. Non-Graduate Nurse Practitioners and Related Professions (Nicht diplomierte Krankenpfleger:innen und verwandte Berufe)
  91. Graduate Engineers for Technical Chemistry, Chemists (Diplomingenieur:innen für technische Chemie, Chemiker:innen)
  92. Waiters / Waitresses (KellnerInnen)
  93. Electric professions (Elektroberufe)
  94. Paperhangers, upholsters (Tapezierer:innen, Polsterer/Polsterinnen)
  95. Warehouse and storage experts, expedients (Magazin-, Lagerfachleute, Expedienten/Expedientinnen)
  96. Masseurs, masseuses (Masseure/Masseurinnen)
  97. Stucco plasterers (Stukkateure/Stukkateurinnen)
  98. Stone masons, stone sculptors (Steinmetzen/Steinmetzinnen, Steinbildhauer:innen)

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