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Are you a student from an EU/EEA country or a Third Country and studying at a university in Austria? Would you like to receive more information about working in Austria during your studies and/or after graduation? Do you find it difficult to find reliable information about what you need to do to stay and work in Austria? Then just click through the questions and see if you can find the answer here in our FAQs. 

  1. 01

    EU/EEA citizens have free access to the Austrian labor market and can work alongside their studies without a work permit. However, studies have priority and you should have at least 16 ECTS credits per year to prove success. EU/EEA citizens must note that they have to obtain a registration confirmation (“Meldeschein”) from the respective authority (Magistrat or Bezirkshauptmannschaft) within 6 months after their arrival in Austria for studying or working in order to be registered in Austria.  

  2. 02

    There is a special residence permit for third-country nationals, the so-called "Residence Permit Student". However, if your personal situation differs from that of other students, e.g. if you are married to an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen living in Austria or if you have already been living in Austria for several years and therefore already hold another residence title, you do not necessarily have to apply for the residence permit student. It all depends on your individual situation! 

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    If you meet the requirements for the residence permit student, you can extend it as long as you study in Austria and even for one year after graduation in order to look for a job. However, please note that the requirements include many factors, e.g. at least 16 ECTS credits per year, sufficient financial means, housing, health insurance, etc. 

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    Yes, you can. However, it depends on your individual situation! 

    If you have to complete a compulsory internship/traineeship as part of your studies, your university should issue you a letter of approval, which your employer must submit to the AMS (Austrian Public Employment Service). The AMS will issue a so-called "Anzeigebestätigung" (confirmation of notification) on the basis of which you can complete your internship/traineeship. 

    If you are looking for a job while finishing your studies, you can apply for any full- or part-time job. Note, however, that your residence permit as a student is conditional on your successful studies and the acquisition of at least 16 ECTS credits per year. If the job is 20 hours/week or less, your employer must apply for an employment permit (“Beschäftigungsbewilligung”) for you, which the AMS usually issues after about 2-4 weeks. If the job is more than 20 hours/week, your employer must also apply for an employment permit (“Beschäftigungsbewilligung”) for you, but unlike jobs up to 20 hours/week, the AMS may (but is not required to) conduct a labor market test (“Ersatzkraftverfahren”) to see if an equally qualified person currently registered as unemployed can be placed instead of you.  

  5. 05

    As with any other employment, your employer must apply for and receive an employment permit (“Beschäftigungsbewilligung”) before you can start working. This also applies to marginal employment! 

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    For all residence titles in Austria, the same rules apply to the extension of the residence permit student: you must submit your application for extension in the three months BEFORE your current residence title expires. The competent authority is the residence authority whose jurisdiction depends on your place of residence in Austria (Magistrat or Bezirkshauptmannschaft).   

    Are you about to complete your studies or have you already completed your studies but not yet found a job? Does your residence permit Student expire in the next three months? No need to worry! You have the possibility to extend your residence permit for another year in order to find a job in Austria.  

    Have you completed your studies and found a job? Or does your current employer wants to hire you full-time after you graduate? In these cases, you and your employer can apply for the so-called Red-White-Red Card for Graduates. Just send us an e-mail! We can help you and your employer with hiring you, e.g. by telling you what documents are required, what the schedule looks like, etc.:

  2. 07

    If you have finished your studies and have not yet found a job, you can extend your residence permit student for another year to find a job. During this year, you can work with your residence permit as you did during your studies and you can apply for a full-time job. When you have found a job and the company wants to hire you, you can contact us and we will help you and the company to get a Red-White-Red Card for Graduates for you:  

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    This depends on your university in Austria as well as on the country in which you would like to complete the Erasmus+ internship. Please clarify all relevant details with the International Office of your Austrian university and the company where you would like to work. For more information, please visit the website of the Austrian Agency for Education and Internationalization (OeAD).

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    Your employer must report this internship to the AMS (Austrian Public Employment Service). The AMS will issue a so-called "Anzeigebestätigung" within two weeks. 

  5. 10

    Your employer can apply for an employment permit for you: if you want to complete a part-time internship/traineeship (up to 20 hours per week) and have a residence permit student, the AMS may not conduct a labor market test (“Ersatzkraftverfahren”). If you want to do a full-time internship/traineeship, the AMS may conduct a labor market test and your employer will receive a work permit for you. 

    If the internship/traineeship is part of your studies and your university issues a confirmation that the internship/traineeship is study-related and necessary to finish your studies, the employer may receive a "confirmation of notification" that entitles you to employment. 

    If you have already completed your studies and have an offer for a one-year full-time internship/traineeship, it may be possible to apply for a Red-White-Red Card for Graduates.  

    Please contact us for more information on which option is best for you and your employer. 

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