Temporary residence of third-country nationals

Residence permits for third-country nationals in Austria

Third-country nationals (“Drittstaatsangehörige”) are all people who are not EU, EEA or Swiss nationals.

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Staying in Austria temporarily with a residence permit

Are you a third-country national and would like to live and work in Austria for more than six months but do not want to live permanently in the country? Then a temporary residence permit (“Aufenthaltsbewilligung”), also known as temporary stay permits, could be the right type of residence permit for you.

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Intra-Corporate Transfers (“ICT”)

Temporary residence of third-country nationals
Are you working as a skilled employee for a multinational company or multinational group of companies? Are you supposed to work for a limited time (maximum of three years) for a subsidiary in Austria within the context of an intra-corporate transfer (“unternehmensinterne Transfer”)?

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Studying (and working) in Austria

In Europe and around the world, Austria is known as a renowned university location. There are more than 70 higher education institutions (universities, universities of applied sciences, etc.) and more than 2,000 courses of study.

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