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What makes Austria such a great place to live

14. June 2024

Quality of Life in Austria – World Happiness Index

The high quality of life in Austria is characterised by a number of factors that attract people from all over the world. A good economic climate, a comprehensive social system, a high level of education and a low crime rate form the basis for a safe and carefree life in Austria. The United Nations World Happiness Report measures the life satisfaction of various countries every year - Austria was ranked 11th in 2023.

Austria: a pioneer in terms of quality of life

Austria consistently ranks at the top of global comparisons of quality of life. International rankings such as the Legatum Prosperity Index or the Health Care Index regularly confirm this. In particular, the outstanding environmental standards and social and economic conditions make the standard of living in Austria particularly attractive.

The unique mixture of breathtaking nature, a stable economy, a high level of security, comprehensive social security and cultural diversity characterises Austria as a place worth living in. These factors not only explain the life satisfaction of the locals, but also contribute to its popularity in a global context.

Analysing the quality of life in Austria

Austria enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide in terms of quality of life, which is reflected in a number of factors: Healthcare is first class with a comprehensive public system that offers all citizens access to high-quality medical care. Austria also has high educational standards, with well-developed school and university systems that are among the best in Europe. An above-average income level helps to keep the poverty rate low and enables citizens to live a comfortable life. Austria's commitment to environmental protection through strict laws ensures the preservation of clean air and water resources as well as the conservation of green spaces. Safety in Austria is also very high with low crime rates and a strong legal system. Social ties are strong, with deep roots in local communities and a well-developed social network. 
Austria performs well in the N26 bank's quality of life index, where the country ranks fourth due to its comparatively low energy costs. The study looked at several factors that characterise quality of life, such as electricity and rental costs, inflation rates, average salaries and salary increases, as well as the happiness factor.

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