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FAQs - "I am looking for work in Austria and would like to apply"

30. January 2023

Are you a student from an EU/EEA country or a third country and studying at a university in Austria? Would you like to receive more information about working in Austria during your studies and/or after graduation? Do you find it difficult to find reliable information about what you need to do to stay and work in Austria? Then just click through the questions and see if you can find the answer here in our FAQs.

  1. 01

    The job search can be very exciting and very thrilling. You can learn a lot about yourself during your job hunt and get in touch with many new companies and jobs. It is important to know what you are capable of and what companies and industries you want to work in. Visit our job platform for jobs in companies in all Austrian federal states. 

  2. 02

    Read the job posting carefully and do extensive research about the company and the job. Write a one-page letter of motivation and include a resume, highlighting your qualifications that fit the job and the company. Remember, the focus should not be on you, but on the company, how well you fit the requirements, and how motivated you are to work there. Learn more

  3. 03

    Learn what really interests you and write it down in detail so you can get a feeling for what sets you apart from other applicants. Stay informed and network. Write to different companies you are interested in and stay informed about their job offers. Don't be afraid to contact companies that might be a good fit for you, even if they don't currently advertise open positions. Get in touch with people and be open to new opportunities. Get letters of reference from your professors and/or former employers/colleagues, join international and national youth clubs and sports teams. Don't give up if you receive rejections, as this is a normal part of the application process! Just rewrite your applications according to the job offers and stay focused and motivated. Learn more

  4. 04

    Yes, it is recommended to write a cover letter or motivational letter when applying for a job in Austria. This cover letter or letter of motivation should not exceed one page and should express your motivation for working in this particular company and for this position. Remember to research the company and the job you want to apply for thoroughly and compare your qualifications with the requirements stated in the job advertisement. Above all, this cover letter should show how well you fit the company and the position, but it does not have to be a biography of your life. Focus on your accomplishments and knowledge of the position and the company. Learn more

  1. 05

    The working languages in most companies in Austria are German and English. It is recommended that your CV and motivational letter are written in German. Only in cases where the job advertisement explicitly refers to English as the working language, you can write your application documents in English. Do not write your CV and motivational letter with the help of translation services, because this does not show your language skills accurately. If your German is not well yet, write your CV and motivational letter in English and let your future employer know that you are willing to learn German and until it is perfect, you have many other qualifications for the job. Learn more

  2. 06

    Yes, it is indeed possible, however it is recommended to learn German as the working language in many companies is German anyway! Learning German is essential for living in Austria, but there are also many international companies that will be happy to hire you without perfect German language skills. Check out our job platform and the companies registered there, and visit it regularly for more results.

  3. 07

    The number of hours per week that counts as full-time depends on the job and the industry in which you work. In many Austrian companies, full-time means 40 hours a week (5 working days); however, in some industries it may differ. This is because most Austrian industries (and therefore companies) design their compensation systems according to legally binding collective agreements. These collective agreements determine salaries, special payments and working hours. A full-time job can therefore be ranging from 30 - 40.5 hours/week, depending on the collective agreement. 

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