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You are a Ukrainian citizen and would like to enter Austria. How does it work? 

You can enter Austria visa-free as a Ukrainian citizen with your biometric passport.   

You are a third-country national who has fled Ukraine and would like to enter Austria. How does this work? 

Depending on whether or not you are allowed to enter Austria visa-free due to your citizenship (see information from the BMI on visa requirements), you may first need to apply for a visa before you can legally enter Austria.   

Which residence title can you get as a Ukrainian citizen and how long is the residence title valid? Which residence title can your family obtain? 

As a Ukrainian citizen who has fled Ukraine since February 24, 2022, you will receive a so-called "Ausweis für Vertriebene”. Your:e wife/husband and your children (up to 18 years old) will also receive this identity card. This identity card confirmed the right of residence until March 3, 2023.    

Since the right of residence has been extended until March 4, 2024, the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum (in German: Bundesamt für Fremdenwesen und Asyl, short: BFA) will automatically send a new identity card with an extended validity date to all Ukrainians already registered as displaced persons. If you have not received this yet, it does not mean that you are not legally residing in Austria at the moment. Your right of residence will continue to exist after March 3, 2023 until March 4, 2024, regardless of the validity date on your current "Ausweis für Vertriebene".

Please find more information about "Ausweis für Vertriebene" on the website of the BFA  in Germanin Englishin Ukrainian and in Russian.

What residence title can you get as a third-country national who has fled Ukraine? 

If you have a job offer from an Austrian company, the employer may be able to apply for a Red-White-Red – Card or an EU Blue Card for you. For this, there are certain requirements for the job offer and for your qualifications. ABA Immigration and Residence Services will be happy to assist you and your employer in the process of applying for a Red-White-Red – Card or an EU Blue Card.  

If you had been living in Ukraine as a person entitled to asylum or as a person entitled to subsidiary protection, you will receive an "Ausweis für Vertriebene", just like Ukrainian citizens. If this does not apply to you, you can enter Austria on humanitarian grounds or pass through Austria to continue to your country of origin. You are legally resident in Austria until you are able to travel on to your country of origin. Please find more information about this on the website of the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum (in German: Bundesamt für Fremdenwesen und Asyl, short: BFA) in Germanin Englishin Ukrainian and in Russian.

How do I find a job in Austria?

Thousands of new jobs are waiting for you, visit our job offers!

Can you work with the so-called “Ausweis für Vertriebene”?

Yes! You need a work permit (“Beschäftigungsbewilligung”) issued by the AMS to work as an employee, but this is a formality. The work permit is applied for by your employer. 

The work permit is generally valid for one year and can then be extended as long as you have a right of residence.   

Please also note the information by AMS.

In principle, you can also work as a self-employed person as holder of the "Ausweis für Vertriebene". However, you must of course comply with all other (trade law, etc.) regulations.

Searching for application tips?

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As an employer, you would like to hire a Ukrainian skilled worker. What do you have to do? 

You apply for a work permit for the skilled worker who has an “Ausweis für Vertriebene”. The following documents must be attached to the application: completed application form, passport, residence registration and the "Ausweis für Vertriebene". Please find information about the work permit for persons fleeing Ukraine on. As the information by AMS for employers is currently only available in German, please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about this.

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Please note that despite careful research, the Austrian Business Agency/Work in Austria does not guarantee the accuracy of this information and is not liable for it in any way. The information does not claim to be complete and this entry in particular is constantly being supplemented and updated.

The Austrian Business Agency/WORK in AUSTRIA is not an authority and neither accepts applications for residence titles nor decides on applications for residence titles. If you need further information or advice on immigration and residence, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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