Sweepstakes – Terms and Conditions of Participation

By participating in the Sweepstakes, the Participant (hereinafter called “Participant” or “You”) agrees to our Terms and Conditions of Participation.

The organizer of this Sweepstakes is ABA - Work in Austria (Opernring 3, A-1010 Vienna).


This Sweepstakes shall be open to all persons who are at least 18 (eighteen) years of age at the time of entry. 

Participation in the Sweepstakes is free of charge. You will need to submit your name, surname and a valid e-mail address as well as your job title or degree course (for students) in order to participate in the Sweepstakes.      

Participants shall be responsible for the validity of their submitted data. Multiple entries by the same person are excluded.  

Exclusion from the Sweepstakes

Employees of Austrian Business Agency (ABA) shall be excluded from the Sweepstakes.
ABA – Work in Austria reserves the right to exclude Participants from the Sweepstakes who either have violated or do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of Participation, submit false personal data, take advantage of prohibited means or in other ways seek advantage by means of manipulation. 
No legal claims whatsoever may be derived from the exclusion of Participants. 

Procedures and execution

The prize shall be drawn from all valid addresses of Participants. The prize drawing shall take place in camera and without the possibility of recourse to legal action.
The potential winner shall be notified by e-mail 14 working days after the prize drawing. The delivery of the prize shall be free of charge.  

ABA – Work in Austria reserves the right to produce and publish photographic material. The potential winner’s consent to the publication of photographic material via social media channels by ABA – Work in Austria shall be subject to a separate, individual agreement. 
If the prize cannot be delivered for reasons within the sphere of the potential winner, the potential winner’s claim to the prize shall be forfeited. If the potential winner submitted an invalid e-mail address or if the prize cannot be delivered for other reasons, the prize reserved for the potential winner shall once more be drawn from the remaining valid addresses of Participants.

If the prize is not claimed by the potential winner within one month after notification by e-mail, any claim to the prize is forfeited and an alternate potential winner shall be determined based on another selection by chance. The winners of the Sweepstakes shall be final once the potential winners confirm to have received a notification of winning the prize.     

The prizes in this Sweepstakes may not be redeemed in cash or exchanged for other prizes. The entitlement of a winner to any prize may not be assigned to others.
ABA - Work in Austria shall be entitled to subsequently reclaim a prize if it turns out at a later date that the winner has violated the Terms and Conditions of Participation. 


ABA - Work in Austria excludes any liability whatsoever to the extent permissible by law. 

ABA - Work in Austria shall be released from any and all obligations upon handing over the prize to the shipping company or mail carrier. ABA - Work in Austria shall not be held liable in the event the prize is either lost or damaged in the mail or during shipping.   

ABA - Work in Austria shall not assume any liability for defects as to the quality or title of the prize.  

Premature termination of the Sweepstakes

ABA - Work in Austria reserves the right to terminate the Sweepstakes at any time without stating any reason and without prior notice. No legal claims whatsoever may be derived from   the premature termination of the Sweepstakes. This shall particularly apply if technical (e.g., viruses in the computer system) or legal conditions cannot guarantee the proper performance of the Sweepstakes.
If such termination of the Sweepstakes is caused by the behavior of a Participant, ABA - Work in Austria shall be entitled to claim damages from such person.

Data protection

Your data is treated confidentially. Find out more about the details of data protection in the Data Protection Declaration of ABA - Work in Austria.


There shall be no recourse to legal action. Austrian law shall apply exclusively. ABA - Work in Austria reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Participation at any time without prior notice.

References to legal provisions

Gaming monopoly
Sect 3 Austrian Gaming Act (GspG) – The right to operate games of chance shall be reserved for the Federal Government (gaming monopoly) except in those instances provided for in this Federal Act.

Exceptions from the gaming monopoly
Sect 4 Austrian Gaming Act (GspG) – Games of chance are not subject to the gaming monopoly of the Federal Government if they
1.    are not in the form of a draw within the meaning of Sect 2 (1), and
2.    a) are merely for entertainment and of low value, or b) are non-recurring for the purpose of disposing of a physical asset. 

Sect 2 Austrian Gaming Act (GspG) – Draws are games of chance
1.    which an entrepreneur arranges, organizes, offers or makes accessible, and
2.    in which players or others render monetary benefit or benefit in kind in connection with participation in gambling (stake), and
3.    in which the prospect of monetary benefit or benefit in kind is offered by the entrepreneur, from players, or from others (prize).

Reduced gaming tax
Sect 58 (1) Austrian Gaming Act (GspG) Raffles with assets for consideration that are [...] directed to the public [...] are subject to a gaming tax of 12 per cent of all recoverable stakes.
(3) Games of chance in the course of games for prizes (competitions) without [... stakes] are subject to a gaming tax of 5 per cent of the potential monetary benefit or benefit in kind (prize), if the game of chance is (also) directed to the domestic public. The tax liability shall lapse if the tax does not exceed the amount of EUR 500 in the calendar year.