Virtual RIUF

08 Apr 2020 - 09 Apr 2020
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The Romanian International University Fair (RIUF) is for students who would like to get information about possibilities to study in other countries.

For the most part, the trade fair targets students at technical schools or universities of technology. What they all have in common is an interest in spending time abroad.

In addition to presenting educational offerings, ABA - Work in Austria is expanding its own offering of additional information about job opportunities in Austria.

The International University Fair (IUF) is held in different countries. For ABA - Work in Austria, the jobs fair primarily serves to establish contacts with the best universities and to promote Austria as a place to work by presenting Austrian companies to students interesting in studying abroad.

Due to the Corona-Crisis the event is taking place online.

ABA – Work in Austria Presents Austria at the IUF Virtual Edition

As a complement to RIUF - The Romanian International University Fair, which was delayed until the autumn as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis, a Virtual Edition of IUF took place on 8-9 April 2020 for the first time. ABA – Work in Austria took advantage of this opportunity to present Austria as a work location at a virtual trade fair stand.   

The trade show targets students aiming to inform themselves about studying abroad. To a large extent, it addresses students of technology. They all share an interest in spending time abroad. In addition to presenting educational opportunities, ABA - Work in Austria also expanded the offering to encompass information about Austria as a place to work and used the opportunity to promote Austria as a work location to foreign-oriented students. The participants were able to interact with the exhibitors via video calls or online chats, download documents and take part in webinars.

Procedures at the trade show

This information and career fair turned out to be a major success for everyone involved, featuring more than 7,500 visitors over a span of two days. On balance, a total of 1,048 participants visited the virtual stand of ABA - Work in Austria, and 146 actively established contact with ABA via an online chat. In this way, ABA – Work in Austria succeeded in attracting considerably more interested people than ordinary exhibition stands.
The students could either decide to hold the chat on a general platform, visible to everyone, or to do it in private. Most of the students preferred their own private chat room.
Questions which were repeatedly posed related to the following topics:

  • The Austrian labour market: in which sectors are specialised employees being sought?
  • Salaries in Austria
  • How can one find a job in Austria?
  • What are the expected costs when living in Austria?
  • Cooperation opportunities with universities
  • Studying in Austria: what are the requirements for studying in Austria?